Incredible Patios Medway

Do you really need a reason to build a patio?

Of course not.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional recreational area to entertain friends. That’s exactly what you could have with one of our patio Medway designs. You could also use it as a clean, quiet place to enjoy coffee and a good book. Think of how many times you want to do just that, but can never find the time. Investing in a patio would encourage you to buy out the time. Life is precious and it’s not all about work. We work to enjoy our lives, and a patio would give you a lovely private place to lie and soak up the sun.

Keeping up with the Jones’

Okay, that was all a little bit soppy for your liking, you just want to increase the value of your home, creating a great first impression to visitors. Our excellent team of specialists can build a patio area for you to be proud of.

Patios Medway and design ideas

Here at DS Property Maintenance & Construction Medway, we cater for many different designs and colours, with various materials to suit your personal needs. Well designed patios make an impressive addition to your home, and improve the quality of your leisure time. Our garden paving and flagging service offers sandstone, slate limestone, and granite paving, as well as the traditional concrete slabs. Garden paving is installed by our fully trained staff leaving quality results.

Patios Medway, a complementary asset to your home

In the summer, there’s no better place to be than outside having a barbecue. Especially if you’ve had your patio designed and built by DS Property Maintenance & Construction Medway. Our garden paving is available in many different colours and textures, with a multitude of design possibilities. Stunning patio and garden paving styles can be achieved using different size paving flags, circles and patterns.

After carrying out a free, no obligation site survey, we offer our suggestions and advice, giving you the best solution to suit your personal requirements and budget.

Feel free to give us a call 01634 614697 or 07984 570757 with any questions, or if you just fancy an informal chat. We are always happy to help.

A little bit of fun

  • Customer  “Can you come & fix my fountain, the water is coming out dirty?”
  • Workman  “Maybe it’s gas bubbles, not dirt. Try pouring it into a glass and letting it stand for a bit. If the water goes clear, it was just water bubbles making it look cloudy.”
  • Customer  “Okay, I will try that (customer pauses). Yes, it works, it’s clear now. The glass has cleaned it.”
  • Workman  “Good. It was tiny air bubbles then.”
  • Customer  “You still need to fix the fountain though, the water is dirty & people drink straight from the fountain, not the glass.