DS Property Maintenance & Construction Experts in Turfing Medway

Our lawn and local turfing Medway contractor service supply and lay turf of a variety of qualities to suit your budget. A new lawn or turf can either be installed as part of a larger landscape gardening project, or you could simply take advantage of our high quality, value for money lawn laying service.

Are you sick of seeing dry patches on your lawn?

A dry brown patch on your lawn doesn’t mean that the lawn is diseased or has pests. It is a little patch that has dried up due to various circumstances and has become water repellent. This means that even if there is a heavy downpour, the patch will probably remain dry. Feel free to call DS Property Turfing Medway for any enquiries.

Is it time for a new turf?

Many common lawn and turf problems occur as a result of poorly installed grass turf. Our contractors have a broad knowledge of lawn and turf maintenance, so our team can save you time, trouble and extra expense in the long term.

How to create & maintain a healthy lawn?

  • Correct preparation of the ground.
  • Thorough removal of weeds.
  • Do you have any drainage or compaction issues?
  • Aeration
  • Raking & rooting
  • Ground-leveling
  • Appropriateness of soil quality and firmness of ground profile etc.

After all that, you can lay the turf. Phew!

Quality with cost-effectiveness

Our service is extremely cost-effective, so please call us to discuss a quotation.

You will then need to consider how to care for your turf once the new lawn has been laid. Our lawn and turf contractor’s knowledge has been built up through decades of experience, so be assured of a perfect new grass lawn. We can also advise you on long term lawn care and maintenance, and how to avoid common problems associated with newly laid turf.

If you’re considering laying new turf and need a company you can trust, please give turfing Medway @ DS Property Maintenance & Construction a call today 01634 614697 or 07984 570757.

Did you know?

  • Gardenias bruise if you touch them ever so slightly,
  • It is good to sprinkle your garden with animal blood. It is called ‘blood meal’ and has been taken from slaughter houses and made into powder.
  • Gardeners use blood meal to keep pests off the lawn.
  • Aspirin, vodka and bleach can keep your plants happy as they kill any bacteria attacking the flower.
  • A penny in the vase also works a treat if you want happy flowers. It’s all about the copper.

DS Property Maintenance & Construction Medway are a family run business who has been in this field for over 25 years.

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